A hybrid of Apocalypse and Sorcery.

The List of Original Changes from Apocalypse

  • HP/Stamina Goes up to 300
  • For every level you gain, your gamestage is increased with 2.4 instead of the 1.2 you gain in vanilla. Note: Changed gamestage of 2.4 to 1.8 for every level gained.
  • Added big list of zombies and Hostile Animals
  • Re-done horde-nights/sleepers/screamer hordes
  • Custom roaming hordes
  • Toilet pistols are back and double shotgun
  • Better treasure loot
  • Nighttime is not a quiet place anymore. Weak radiated zombies will show up, you have been warned
  • Made the candy craftable through a perk (to unlock it you need Master Chef Third perk)
  • Changed the candy cost from 100 to 500
  • Reduced Basic Survival Quests from 8 quests to 1 quest
  • After Finishing Basic Survival Quest, you will get helmet light and Sorcery Intro Book
  • When you get special quest from trader to another you will get coins
  • Added Scrap tools/scarp iron club
  • Added Stainless steel
  • Added scrap iron bars and steel bars
  • Change Night vision Goggles color from green to red
  • Lowered all Armor Physical Resistance/Elemental Resistance. So you won’t be Immortal anymore
  • Vehicles takes double amount of fuel to fill it up
  • Traders re-stock every 2 days
  • Traders has now bigger amount of ammo and resources
  • Nerfed the amount of ammo you find it in loot
  • Crafting ammo now is much cheaper


v1.1 Original Changes from Apocalypse.

  • Changed Zombie bosses name to legendary Zombies
  • Change giant Zombies name to Mutated Zombies
  • Nerf the amount of meat and resources you get from animals
  • Change all candy price from 250 to 500
  • Made all candy recipe more expensive
  • Changed the Zombies spawn rate from 2 at day/night to 4 at day 5 at night
  • Made the roaming horde much bigger
  • Treasure loot was too op. You get from it tier 6 weapon, fixed
  • There were chance for mutated screamer and legendary screamer to spawn when heat map reach 100%, fixed
  • All the food that added from the modlets (war3zuk custom food) now unlocked by master chef perk
  • Nerfed all the can food in the game

Advent Apocalypse-Rise of Magic Changes

  • Changed skill points from 1 to 3. This is to accommodate two skill trees.
  • Added Sorcery Intro book to rewards for completion of starter class quest.
  • Removed weapons and tools from beginning quest. You will get pain pills, honey and helmet light at completion of quest..

Mods added to create Advent Apocalypse-Rise of Magic


Original Mods for Apocalypse


Special thanks to: killerbunny264, Khaine, Telric, Valmar, Stallionsden,War3zuk, Dervix, Survager, ATLA5, Doughphunghus, Rickyralph, Stample, Telric for these great mods: